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Common Types of Storm Damage​

Severe weather can result in a disaster at your home or office. No matter where you live, inclement weather can affect you and result in costly storm damage repairs. ​

Be prepared for different types of storm damage before disaster strikes: ​​

Power Outage​

A major storm can leave you without power for several days.​

Wind Damage​

Strong gusts of wind can knock down trees and branches. Trees are one of the most common causes of structural damage from severe weather.​

Lightning ​

Lightning can threaten your home or business. Lightning could start a fire, cause power surge damage, or even structural damage. ​


During a severe storm, hail can damage your roof and lead to roof leaks and water damage to your ceiling and walls. ​


Floods are the most common natural disaster according to Ready.gov. Heavy rain from severe storms can cause flooding in your area.​

Know which types of storms are common to your region. Prepare now before a disaster strikes, and make sure to have an emergency preparedness kit for your home and office. ​​

After the storm, contact your local disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster of Bethlehem to help you get life back to normal. Emergency storm damage service available 24/7 at 800-253-7366.

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