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Reopening Your Business After A Disaster

A disaster can happen at any time and affect your business operations. Do you have a plan in place if you experience an emergency and need to close? 

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), up to 40% of small businesses never reopen after a natural disaster strikes. Take steps now to create a disaster plan for your business, and prepare to reopen in the event a disaster strikes.

Create a Natural Disaster Plan

  •  Include locations for evacuation, employee emergency contact information, and protection of vital business records. Print and complete the Emergency Contact Sheet from ServiceMaster of Bethlehem. Get the Emergency Contact Sheet Here

Keep Lines of Communication Open

  •  Stay in contact with customers and employees about what is happening with the business, and when you will re-open.

Check Your Insurance

  •  Make sure you are covered for any type of natural disaster that could occur in your region.

Steps to Recovery

  •  Develop a plan to recover after a disaster. Prepare now and list steps to rebuild before a disaster strikes.

Contact ServiceMaster of Bethlehem to secure a pre-loss plan for emergency response. Count on our experts to assist throughout the recovery process, and get your doors open. Call us today at 800-253-7366.

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