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Mold Removal and Prevention

Mold growth often looks like spots, can be different colors, and can smell musty. Exposure to a damp and moldy environment may cause a variety of health effects according to the CDC.

If discovered, never try to clean mold damage yourself, contact ServiceMaster of Bethlehem for professional mold removal.

Tips to prevent mold growth inside your home or office:

  • Control humidity levels by running a dehumidifier.
  • Fix sources of moisture including a leaky roof, window seals, and pipes.
  • Properly ventilate shower, laundry, and cooking areas.

If you discover mold growth, do not attempt to clean it yourself. There are health dangers involved, as well as a risk of making the problem worse. Exposure to harmful mold can cause illness if you are not properly protected. Many DIY mold removal methods can fail to eliminate the problem, or disturb mold spores, sending them airborne. Products that claim to “kill” mold actually leave behind mold spores that act as allergens.

Count on the professionals to handle mold removal at your home or business. The team  at ServiceMaster of Bethlehem are trained to tackle mold issues large and small. Schedule a mold inspection today by calling 800-253-7366. If mold is discovered, our trained professionals will develop a comprehensive plan to remove the harmful mold from your property.

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