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DIY Danger: Sewage Backup

If you suddenly experience a sewage overflow, it’s important to get it cleaned up right away. A sewage backup is dangerous and can present health risks.

The bacteria in human waste can cause disease and a great deal of damage, according to How Stuff Works. If you discover a sewage overflow in your basement, follow these steps immediately:

  • Check for blockages. If there is a blockage in your toilet, sink, or waste pipe that you can clear, clear it immediately.
  • Avoid using the plumbing until the blockage has been removed.
  • If there is standing water in your basement due to the sewage backup, do not enter the space while the power is on. Electricity and water are a dangerous and potentially deadly combination.
  • Do not come into direct contact with the waste. Contaminated water contains bacteria and viruses that can make you ill.
  • Do not touch affected carpets, clothing, or other porous materials. These items can not be sanitized and are considered hazardous. They should be disposed of properly by a trained professional.

A sewage backup in your basement is messy, and dangerous. Never clean it up by yourself, leave the restoration job to the professionals at ServiceMaster of Bethlehem. We have the right tools and trained professionals to tackle your disaster. Available 24/7 at 800-253-7366.

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